Reiki Man interviews Zelie Duvauchelle about Ho'oponopono

Zelie is a practitioner of Ho'oponopono, which is an ancient reconciliation and forgiveness technique from Hawaii. Zelie uses in in small group settings and workshops to heal relationships. It can also be combined with Guided Meditations, Sound Healing, and Reiki.

Although Ho'oponopono has been made popular in recent years due to the work of Dr. Hew Lems and marketers such as Joe Vitale, it has actually been around for a long time. Clearing blocks and charges that may be present on past relationships. Although it is similar to Reiki, there are some significant differences. Some people have called it Reiki on steroids.

The modern practice has been reduced to four key statements, focused on accepting full responsibility. These statements are used as a sort of mantra: “I'm sorry. Please forgive me. I love you. Thank you.”



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